Saturday, May 19, 2012

Questioning God

What would you like to ask God?  If you were allowed 5 questions that God would answer, what would they be?  I could come up with 5 questions very quickly.  There is so much in life that I simply do not understand.  Unfortunately, a lot of the questions we have are left without an explanation. 

The Wrong Questions

I have spent so much time asking God questions that just lead to more questions.  I rarely get the answers that I want, when I want them.  I rarely waste my time any longer asking the wrong questions.  It is a futile waste of time. 


Why did he allow a devastating earthquake to destroy Haiti, one of  the poorest nations on Earth? Or, why does he allow a child to die of cancer at the age of 10?


How can I raise my kids in these crazy times?  Or, the big questions like how is the government going to solve the Social Security and Medicare problems?

I have also learned that it is a waste of my time to ask him When he will act.

Every time that ask God questions that begin with these words, they lead to more questions, less faith, and less peace of mind.

When we ask these type of questions, it is all about CONTROL.  We are trying to play God ourselves.

The Right Questions

So if it is pointless to ask God these questions, is questioning God useless?  Does God want us to question him?

I have learned that the Right Questions to ask God begin with What, Where, Who or When if it involves When we should act. Questions such as What would you like me to do?  or Where would you like me to go?  The questions are the ones that God wants us to ask.

All of these questions involve giving up control to him and walking in FAITH.

One Day at a Time

I believe the time will come when we can ask God the Why and How questions.  Someday, we  will get the answers to all of these questions, but they will come when they come.  We cannot force them.

Our focus now needs to be on asking the What, Where, Who and When he wants us to do something.  All great things happen in steps.   One step at a time, one day at a time, the puzzle pieces will all be lined up and the masterpiece will be finished.   

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