Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Promises of God

Information Overload

Every day we are bombarded with so much information.  We are living in the age of information overload.  With all of this info flying around, it is hard to stay focused on what really matters and what is important. 


I have always been especially drawn to the promises of Self-Help.  I have spent literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars on programs, books, tapes and techniques that promise to help me face the struggles and weaknesses in my life.  Many of these programs do provide good information, but I rarely finished them because I would get close to the end and realize that it wasn't going to meet MY EXPECTATIONS.  I feared reaching the end of the program and realizing that it didn't fix me. 

Like I said, many of these programs do offer some good information and have offered me a few clues here and there on how to deal with my anxiety, depression and other life struggles, but they never gave me the fulfillment that I always so greatly desired and needed. 

God's Help

What I have found out is that the ultimate help comes from God.  I simply cannot face these daunting tasks without looking at them honestly and giving them to God.  I do not have the power to overcome, but he does.  When I accept his power, I can take a deep breathe and work on these things knowing that he is in control and will see me through.  Besides, he already knows how it all ends.  I just need to come along for the ride.

God's Promises

The biggest thing that has helped me over the last 3 1/2 years has been to take a hard look at what the Bible says and challenging God:  Do you really mean what you are telling me in that big thick book?  Can I take those promises for myself and OWN THEM?  Did you mean those words for me even though they were written so many years ago.

We Can

It has become increasingly obvious that we can take those words in that big thick book and own them.  If God says it, he means it.  If I can focus, internalize and meditate on those promises, then things change and I change.  It is so simple, but has been such a profound discovery in my own life.

I have decided to devote a significant portion of what I write on this blog to taking THE PROMISES OF GOD, one at a time, really hashing them over, and deciding if we can OWN THEM in our crazy lives today. 

With all of the miracles that have occurred in my life over the last few years, it has become clear to me through prayer, that one of my main purposes in life is to inspire, encourage and challenge others to find true joy and peace through taking God at his word.

What do you think?  Do you ever struggle with doubt?

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