Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Humility is found in the knowledge and understanding of who GOD is and who I am in relation to HIM
HE is the Creator and I am the Created
HE is Omniscient yet I know just a little
HE is Omnipotent yet I am powerless on my own
HE is Omnipresent yet I can be just one place at a time re
HE holds the future in his hands yet I hold just one moment at a time
HIS love never fails yet there are limits to my love
HE is everlasting yet my time here is limited
HE can wipe away sin yet I can forgive but cannot forget
HE has no fear yet I am fearful
HE is independent yet I am dependent
HE knows what’s in the heart yet I only know what I can see
TODAY, I will rest in the peace of knowing that I do not have to TRY to be GOD anymore

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