Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Slice of Time

Slowly but surely, she pushed her new wheelbarrow down the sidewalk.  In the wheelbarrow, a purple shovel with a pink handle bounced around, forcing Addy to balance the wheelbarrow as she pushed along.  The shovel was a gift from her mom so she could help dad 'work' outside. 

"Daddy, Let's go find some rocks", she said as she came close.

"Honey, Dad is busy", I mumbled, as I gave her a quick glance trying not to lose my concentration on the flat wheelbarrow tire I was trying to remove.

"Please, daddy", she pleaded.

With a frustrating sigh, I looked over at her and said: "Alright, but just for a few minutes."

An hour later, we finally strolled back up the sidewalk to the house with a load of rocks to proudly present to mommy and big brother. 

I had no idea that the few minutes that I had promised Addy had turned into an hour.  She had worked hard digging and prodding with her colorful shovel.  I helped with the ones that were too tough for her.  We talked, laughed and enjoyed our time together.  I will probably never forget that evening.

We really have no idea how many of those moments we will have with our loved ones.  Moments when we are alone, the world is quiet around us, and we can just be together. 

With all of the distractions and responsibilities in my life, I rarely focus on the moment and be fully present with the people around me,  forgetting all else, and taking in the moment.  Like I mentioned, it rarely happens,  but it does sometimes, which I see as a major blessing in my life.

What About You?

Could you set all of your worries and concerns aside, every once in a while, and focus on the time you have with a loved one?  Would your life and your close relationships be enriched if you would allow yourself to do this?


  1. Aaron, I found you through your introduction at Yahoo's Lifewriters Forum. I am very drawn to your message of letting and letting God. You are stepping out in courage because of your faith and I applaud you. I am working on a memoir about the power of hope through my faith so your site and message resonate with me. I signed up to follow you. Best wishes with your writing!

  2. Aaron, hopped over from reading your introduction on Lifewriters' Forum. Your blog is well done, and I'm drawn to your writing style. I also appreciate the phrase you use in describing your blog, "letting go and letting God." This has to be one of the hardest things we humans attempt to accomplish. Your post about Addy and rock digging/collecting focused so well on the need to let go and let God, and through Addy He is showing you the path to loving fatherhood. I've added you to the blogs I follow, and look forward to reading more and sharing the journey with you.